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All moldings in stock are 12 ft unless noted.  (Special lengths can be special ordered)

To view molding profiles click on the part number to view a pdf drawing of the part.

(If you don’t see what your looking for, please call and ask.)

100 Series     (.170 Gap) for 1/8 inch or 3mm panel systems.

E101     Divider Molding

E102     Outside Corner Molding.

E104    J Moldings

200 Series     (.197 Gap) for 4mm panel systems.

E201     Divider Molding

E202    Outside Corner

E204    J Molding

ED204  Drip Molding or Inside Corner

ER243   Reveal Divider

300 Series     (.234 Gap)

E301     Divider Molding

E302    Outside Corner

E303    Inside Corner

E304    J Molding

ED304  Drip Molding or Inside Corner

E341    Soffit Molding

ER343   Reveal Divider Molding

500 Series      (.387 Gap) for 5/16 inch panel systems.

E501     Divider Molding

E501-2  2” Divider (Can be used as an expansion joint)

E502    Outside Corner

E503    Inside Corner

E504   J Molding

ED504  Drip Molding or Inside Corner

E508    Zee Molding

E541    Soffit Molding

ER543   Reveal Divider Molding

E562     Reveal Outside Corner

EA505   Adjustable Outside Corner

E570    J Molding with Extended Leg

E595    Rounded Corner Molding

ER543A Reveal Divider With No Back Legs

600 Series     (.472 Gap) for 7/16 inch panel systems.

E601S   Two Piece Snap Together Divider

E602S   Two Piece Snap Together Outside Corner

E604     J Molding

700 Series     (.290 Gap) for ¼ inch panel systems.

E701     Divider Molding

E702    Outside Corner

E703    Inside Corner

E704    J Molding

EL704   J Moldings with a leg

ED704  Drip Molding or Inside Corner

E741    Soffit Molding

ER743  Reveal Divider Molding

ER744   1 inch Reveal Divider

E762    Reveal Outside Corner

E770    J Molding with Extended Leg

EA705   Adjustable Outside Corner

800 Series     (.580 Gap) for ½ inch panel systems.

E801    Divider Molding

E802    Outside Corner Molding

E804    J Molding

900 Series    (.688 Gap) for 5/8 to 11/16 inch panels.

E904     J Molding         (New)

1000 Series     (1.093 Gap) for 1 inch panel systems.

E1001    Divider Molding

E1002    Outside Corner Molding

E1004    J Molding

Accent Moldings

E01     Divider

E02    Outside Corner

E04     End Cap

E05    “V” Divider

E001   1 inch Reveal


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